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Combat Motors is Coming to Southwest Utah!

Combat Motors has begun construction of a new 8,000 sq ft manufacturing and service facility in Hurricane, Utah with a targeted April 2023 completion. 


HURRICANE, UTAH, January 4, 2023 -- Combat Motors is moving to Southwest Utah. Manufacturer and developer of the F-113 and F-131 Hellcat, B-120 WraithP-120 / R-131 Fighter, X-132 Hellcat, Hellcat Speedster, P-51 Combat Fighter, FA-13 Combat Bomber, F-117 Fighter and Combat Wraith. Combat Motors will open a new manufacturing facility in Hurricane, Utah in April of 2023.  


This latest expansion comes on the heels of strong year-over-year growth for the company and is one of several new investments Combat Motors has made in recent months. New equipment expenditures for motorcycle design, manufacturing and apparel production, a soon-to-be revamped online presence, and soon beginning production of the new Hellcat motorcycle signal strong business growth for the motorcycle manufacturer.


“We’re very pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Hurricane, Utah” says Ernest Lee of Combat Motors. “This is not only an opportunity to bring a jobs to the area, but will also allow us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing needs of the company.  We are looking forward to the move and plan to invite members of the local community to tour our facility and see where these incredible machines are built.”

With this move, Combat Motors is consolidating its business offices, apparel and its primary motorcycle manufacturing and service support to Hurricane, Utah in a newly built-to-suit 8,000 sq ft facility.  The new facility's geographic location will expedite delivery and service support while enabling participation in more events on the west coast of the United States. Combat Motors' growth will be supported by existing staff and new hires but also by new local manufacturing partners that we intend to utilize for CNC manufacturing, welding, and carbon fiber production.  Combat Motors also intends to build relationships with local universities in nearby St George, Utah for our internship program in design and manufacturing.


"We are all-in with this move to Southwest Utah.  In addition to relocation of Combat Motors, I am personally moving to the area and relocating each of my other businesses there as well.  This is the first that all of my businesses have had one consolidated location to call home." says Ernest Lee who also owns an investment fund, a law practice, and a tax practice that will each be moving their home offices to the area.  

Southwest Utah was the first pick location for a new facility for Combat Motors' Master Builder and Test Pilot, Jason Reddick, who is looking forward to all that the area can offer. With more than 10 different locations on the prospective list for relocation of the manufacturing facility, Jason had his sights set on St George, Utah from the start.  ​Office Manager Frae "G" Wittwer is also excited to move to the area.  As Ernest's personal assistant over the past six years, G has seen the stress that owning and running businesses in several locations has had on Ernest's busy schedule. "Traveling with Ernest over the years has been a lot of fun, but it will be good to see each of the businesses continue to grow in one single location in Utah." says G. 

Jay and Jennifer Etheridge, Landers Sevier and David Brown will continue to support the brand with sales, service and support in our Birmingham facility.  In addition to her responsibilities as Office Manager, G will oversee the apparel production/ customization and sales from the new Hurricane facility. 


"Combat Motors' success would not be possible without the concerted efforts our team; Frae "G" Wittwer, Jay and Jennifer Etheridge, Jason Reddick, Landers Sevier, and David Brown.” says Ernest.  ​


Combat Motors' highly anticipated new Hellcat is scheduled for release in June, followed by a 2024 Combat Fighter and an all new Wraith thereafter.  

About Combat Motorcycles:

Continuing a 30-year tradition of designing and crafting America’s most iconic, heirloom quality motorcycles: Combat Motors aims to represent the motoring purist. Combat Motors currently manufactures the F-117 Fighter, P-51 Combat Fighter, the Combat Bomber and the all new Combat Wraith by hand in its facility in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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Combat Motors' success would not be possible without the concerted efforts our team; Frae "G" Wittwer, Jay and Jennifer Etheridge, Jason Reddick, Landers Sevier and David Brown.”  

-------- Ernest Lee

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